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Tour of Thailand

Later this week we’ll embark on a 2 week tour of Thailand. We start with a few days in Bangkok before hopping on a rice barge
to take us to the historical city of Ayutthaya. We get a day sight-seeing temple there before hopping on an overnight train to Chiang Mai in the north where we can see an elephant sanctuary and do some cooking lessons in a rural setting. We then fly┬ásouth to the Andaman coast to stay near Phuket in the areas of Krabi and then Khao Lak. We should get a chance to see both jungle and exotic islands in this second week. It’s got a very different feeling to the Japan trip right now and this one barely feels real yet. I’m sure it will when we’re on the plane :).

I’ll try to add some photos as I go to make the blogs more interesting.