USA and Canada Day 4

I decided before this trip that I would try and be pretty healthy so that I didn’t do too much damage that I’d have to sort out afterwards. Eating more of the famous coconut pie at 5am probably wasn’t the way to go. I did sleep though, at least some of the night.

We grabbed more breakfast muffins and headed over to the venue early to grab some good seats for the final day. Today we’d got a match to decide who would make it into the final to face CDEC and then the actual final itself. It ended up being a classic China (CDEC) vs USA (EG) final with a very high standard of Dota that lasted for several hours. The atmosphere in the venue was just incredible. Even though these weren’t the teams I support, I still loved the experience. EG won in the final and after it was over there was a short set by Deadmau5. ¬†We then headed back to the hotel to grab burgers in the bar before sorting out our packing. We have to leave pretty early in the morning to get on the boat to Vancouver Island.

I grabbed a couple of photos during the day. The first with Ri and then one with Jorien (Sheever). I ended up stood with Sheever, chatting for a little while and taking photos for her fans with her. Once she was done I decided I’d get one of my own whilst she was looking a bit more casual, and where I could try and actually look into the camera. She was going to take the selfie but then over pops Erik Johnson of Valve who offers to the picture. Erik Johnson does multiple jobs at Valve, but one of them is being project manager for Dota 2. As such, he’s pretty important and it was nice to have him taking my photo for me :).

I’ve watched this tournament online for the last 4 years and the quality of the production this year blows all the others away. I’m delighted that this was the year we came and I don’t see how they’ll improve on it so much next year.